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Please see below the measures we have put in place to ensure we do our part in trying to avoid DAY ZERO. 
Together we can make it work 
Every drop counts! 
  • Linen changed only when card placed on bed
  • Towels changed only if left on floor or in bath tub
  • Bath plugs removed, available on request only
  • Removal of bath mats to decrease linen to be washed
  • Stickers placed in showers to encourage guests to shower less than 2 minutes
  • No water jugs in the rooms, only bottled mineral water 
  • All guest laundry and linen are sent to an external laundry supplier who has implemented water saving and recycling measures
  • Hand sanitiser and wet wipes are now part of our guest amenities in all bedrooms 
Public Area
  • Pool being refilled by using underground water
  • Flowers and plants / courtyard watered by underground water
  • Taps turned off in public bathrooms – hand sanitizer provided
  • All outside taps handles removed and taps shut off
  • Notices about the drought are placed in visible areas all around the hotel in English and German to encourage our guests to help save water
  • Flushers for the urinals have been turned off. Ice is placed in the urinals instead
Restaurant and Kitchen
  • Waterless menu is being implemented
  • No linen is used for the restaurant, this includes all functions 
  • Good quality paper napkins are used in the bar and restaurant 
  • Water used for blanching of vegetables is reused to clean the floors
  • Spray bottles with diluted cleaning chemicals are used to spray on restaurant and kitchen floor to clean instead of litres of water
  • All taps except two will be available for use, the rest are turned off
Staff facilities
  • Paper plates are used for all staff meals
  • One tap only in bathroom, large touchless sanitisers are placed in the canteen, kitchen and toilets
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