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The founders of Y-WASTE, a mother and son partnership have been doing business together for the last 10 yrs. Y-waste specialise in bokashi and earthworm farming, which makes use of earthworms and effective microbes to breakdown your kitchen waste and effectively recycle it to produce organic compost.

Vision: To be the most recognized name in fertilizer manufacturing and providing greener composting products that make a difference.

Mission: To be the benchmark of renewable fertilizer manufacturing and creating affordable natural fertilizers as environmentally friendly and cost effectively as possible. They plan to create demand for greener products and the total removal of harmful chemical products currently being used.

At Y-waste they wish to see each and every home, restaurant, hotel & school able to reuse or recycle their food waste in the form of organic compost. Thus eliminating large gardening bills and being able to be self sustained in a manageable manner.

Hotel and Resturant Food Waste Management

Over the past year, Ywaste have successfully managed to divert 100 tons of food waste from landfill. Using our BOKASHI method, we have formulated a successful and economical method of recycling waste.

Together with Mount Nelson and the Vineyard Hotel, Winchester Mansions is proud to be working together with Y-Waste.

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